William is a full time survey pilot who has his CFI/CFII/MEI certificates. William provides Part 61 flight instruction specializing in tail-wheel and multi-engine transition training.

He is here to assist you in reaching your aviation goals such as issuing your high performance endorsement, or helping you learn a fancy GPS system such as the Garmin G1000/3000.

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William Wallace loves any vehicle that is powered from electricity to explosions. This love is manifested in his passion for all things aviation. William was inspired to begin his aviation career by first his grandfather who was a private pilot, and later on by a high-school friend and certified flight instructor (CFI), Daniel Schafer. Between his time at Belmont University and Liberty University, William got connected with gold seal CFI Steve Stryker at the Gallatin airport where he received his instrument rating, became a commercial pilot and later a CFI himself! William flies out of the Gallatin/Music City Executive Airport (KXNX) and Bulverde Airpark, Bulverde Texas (1TT8).

Flight Instruction:

William is a FAA certified flight instructor who can provide Part 61 flight instruction in single engine and multi-engine land airplanes (CFI/MEI/CFII). William teaches directly from the Federal Aviation Regulations & Aeronautical Information Manual (FAR/AIM) and can take you from 0-100 when it comes to getting your private pilot’s license. He specializes in advanced training for tail-wheel, complex, and multi-engine airplanes. Additionally, he can complete your biennial flight review (BFR) and instrument proficiency check (IPC). (Unfortunately, as of July 2022 William is no longer accepting new primary/private pilot students.)

William can work with you regardless of your technical background. Don’t know anything about planes? No problem! Many people don’t when they first start out. The proof is in the pudding. After departing a video production and IT career, William has maintained a 100% pass rate in all of his personal check-rides as well as the rides he has sent students to. You would be hard pressed to find a flight school that can compete with that level of quality.

Aside from maintaining certifications from the federal government, William is insured, maintains a licensed sole proprietorship DBA Wallace Cloud Aviation, and has a commercial aeronautical service provider (CASP) agreement with Music City Executive airport allowing instruction at their facilities.

Head over to the contact page if you have more questions or are interested in leaning to fly!

Professional Pilot:

As a holder of a commercial pilot certificate, William can be hired to fly you in, as well as ferry your plane places. William has logged a plethora of airframes ranging between a Cessna 140 to a TBM 930. William’s endorsements and technical aptitude for systems makes him a quick learner in any aircraft. Some may choose a good novel to read by the fire, William will cozy up with the most obscure POH he can find.

Contact William to fly your equipment.

Professional & Personal Development Beyond Just Flying:

William is a graduate of Liberty University where he received a BS in Aviation. When he is not training pilots, or flying for fun, William likes tinkering on mechanical or computer systems. He’s rebuilt several engines ranging from Honda motorcycles to Hybrid Tahoes. William likes to stay ahead of the IT game and hosts web services such as this website from his home server. On occasional days off he braves the elements surviving in the wilderness of New Mexico surveying the land for the best public use motorcycle routes available.




Some of William’s students:
Graham – Private Pilot Certificate
Mike – Private Pilot Certificate – multi-engine add-on
Daniel – CFI/CFII – multi-engine instructor (MEI) add-on
Josh – Private Pilot Certificate
Bailey – Student Pilot – tailwheel endorsement
George – Private Pilot Certerficate – tailwheel endorsement

External Sources:


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CFI Notebook.net (FOI Quick Reference)

Pilotscafe (IFR Quick Review Sheet)

ATP (C172, PA-28 Training Supplements)