(A three part series.)

On August 8, 2018 Luke Halier I set out on what would be the most epic road trip of my life to date. In five days we would be meeting up with our friend Daniel Schafer in Bozeman Montana, and in nine days the three of us would be picking up a fourth friend, Robert Dominguez, as he finished up an internship at Microsoft in Seattle.

Our route was the following: San Antonio, TX > Taos, NM > Grand Tetons NP > Yellowstone NP > Bozeman, MT > Glacier NP > Yoho NP, Canada > Pemberton, BC, Canada > Vancouver > Seattle > Salt Lake City > Kanab, UT > Taos, NM > San Antonio.

Part 1: San Antonio to Yellowstone

Part 2: Bozeman and Canada

Part 3: Seattle and the Salt Flats

Cameras used: Canon 60D, Canon T3i, a 35mm Canon (Don’t remember the model off the top of my head…) and iPhone X, 7+