(Seattle and the Salt Flats)

Continuing on from Part 2, we left the Squamish area on Thursday, August 16, nine days into our epic North American trek. We descended 6500ft in elevation on the short drive from Pemberton to Vancouver. You quickly realize why it is named the Sea to Sky highway.

Jaming out to Childish Gambino – This Is America while in line at the US boarder crossing.

After the boarder crossing and a pitstop at DQ, Luke, Daniel and I were just minutes away from Seattle.

We added Manwholikepie to the elite squad. Our meme now had four dimensions.
Robert took us on a tour of Microsoft HQ.

After thoroughly exploring the Microsoft complex, we ventured on to Bainbridge Island where we planned to have dinner at Doc’s Marina Grill. We ditched the cycles and trailer at Robert’s apartment parking and headed to catch the ferry.

We ate fast and caught the last return ferry back to Seattle. We crashed at Robert’s place Thursday night and helped him packup. Friday morning Luke and Daniel went to find the first Starbucks while I slept in and Robert packed more. Upon their return we loaded crammed Robert’s belongings into the Yukon and bagged a few items to put on the trailer. We set out on Interstate 90 east with our next destination being Snoqualmie falls about a half our drive from downtown Seattle.

We ate lunch at a small Chinese restaurant in Snoqualmie called Got Rice.

After our meal we voted on wether to drive to our next planned campsite in the Sawtooth National Forest or to tough it out and drive 1100 miles direct to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Salt Flats won unanimously.

Oregon countryside photographed by Robert.
We drove though the night.
It didn’t take too long.
I awoke Saturday morning to the sound of “wikipedia the free encyclopedia: co-” nevermind.

Time to have fun on the salt. The Bonneville Salt Flats are home to the world’s land speed records. It is 30,000 acres of perfectly flat, smooth compacted salt, perfect for high speed driving. We achieved 113mph in the Yukon (at its limiter) and 98mph on the Husqvarna.

After riding around for a couple hours we gave the vehicles a bath to remove the salt.

(click photo)

Next we drove to Kanab, Utah where we would pitch camp followed by a hike the next day.

We hiked the wirepass trail on the boarder of Utah and Arizona.

Here are some of Robert’s photos:

We finished the hike and drove onward to our last stop, Taos. Daniel and Luke had to return to San Antonio a day early for school. They took Daniel’s civic which Luke had pervious dropped at my cabin and drove home that Monday. Robert and I spent one day exploring around Taos before heading back.

We rode fourwheelers to a hiking spot in the Carson National Forest.
Our leftover camp food.
Some final shenanigans while packing up.

Robert and I made it back to San Antonio Tuesday, August 21. Thus concluding the Epic August 2018 Adventure.

It was displaying kilometers, trust me.
Garmin trip statistics…
Yukon’s trip stats.

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