(San Antonio to Yellowstone)

Welcome to Part 1. This post will cover the journey up until the last day at Yellowstone.

Yukon and cycle trailer as seen from Daniel’s Civic, driven by Luke.

Luke drove Daniel’s civic to Taos the first day of the trip so that he and Daniel could return to San Antonio a day early at the end of the trip to start school.

Our first stop was Krispy Kreme…
Our second stop was a flat tire… about 30 minutes later…

We drove along Interstate 10 from San Antonio to El Paso where we turned north towards White Sands. We came within 600 feet of the Mexican border and would be crossing the Canadian boarder in just a few days. Just before White Sands we passed through a boarder patrol checkpoint. It was my first time driving through one. I came to a stop, but proceed to slowly roll through when I thought the officer was waving me on. I found out the hard way that hand motion meant roll down the window…

White Sands was windy and sandy as one would expect from a desert.

Sponsored by Hondaâ„¢
Did I mention it was windy?
A dust storm approaching…

Our stay at White Sands was thoroughly enjoyed, but short lived. We had serious ground to cover. We headed on towards Taos.

We decided to spend a restful day at my family’s cabin in Taos since my allergies got the best of me. Luke and I had lunch at the Valley Escondido golf course bar and did some more route planning while resting up.

At 4 a.m. August 10 we left from Taos to drive to the Grand Tetons. We took a route north through Colorado passing through Buena Vista and Leadville. The drive was beautiful. Additionally this was the most efficient day of the trip (fuel-consumption wise).

Luke driving Yukon: Cornelius through a river crossing at Sheffield Camp, Grand Tetons NP
setting up our first camp
The Grand Tetons
the view from Jackson Lake

After one night at the Tetons’ Sheffield camp, Luke and I drove the short 15 miles to Yellowstone where we camped at the Lewis Lake campground.

‘Ole Faithful doin the thang
I can’t recall seeing more blue water occur naturally.
This land is my land, this land is yo- tourist land…
I setup the 60D to do a time-lapse on Lewis Lake.
The family later apologized for their daughter “ruining it.”
Of course we represented the greatest state wherever we went…
The Roosevelt Arch
We came, we saw.

This concludes part 1 of 3 of the Epic August 2018 Adventure. Parts 2 and 3 are planned to be published Wednesday, February 13.

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