Trip Facts:

Current record: 11hrs 9minutes 

Average Speed: 84.72 mph

Distance: 936-998 miles (depends on route variables such as: TX-Toll 130 or Austin I-35, and destination Oaklands [My house]/Spring Branch [John’s house])

Standard route: San Antonio – Austin – Temple – Waco – Dallas – Texarkana – Little Rock – Memphis – Nashville

Doable in 2 gas stops: Typically in Carlisle, AR (20 miles before Little Rock) and somewhere within 30 miles around Dallas.

For bigger vehicles (Tahoes), maintaining an average speed/minimizing stops is more profitable & safe than driving fast & aggressive.

(ie; Averaging 83mph, the trip takes 12hrs. Averaging of 71mph, trip takes 14 hrs.)

Average times:

Nashville to Memphis 2:30

Nashville to Dallas 8:00

Dallas to Austin 2:30

San Antonio to Austin 1:20

Record times with notes:

March 2017: 15hrs 36min 51.33 seconds (Circle K to John’s home /4 gas stops/2 food stops) (Tahoe)

May 2017: 14hrs 35min 15.62 seconds (Circle K to William’s home /3 gas stops including 1 food stop) (Tahoe)

August 2017: 13hrs 29min 23.00 seconds (William’s Home to Circle K/3 gas stops including 1 food stop) (Tahoe)

March 2018: 12hrs 53min 13.61 seconds (Circle K to William’s home/2 gas stops/0 food stops) (Tahoe)

May 2018: 12hrs 47min 9.11 seconds (Circle K to William’s home/2 gas stops/1 food stop) (Tahoe)

November 2018: 12hrs 20min (Daniel in Yukon)

May 2018: 11hrs 9min 49.02 seconds (Circle K to William’s home/2 gas stops including 1 food stop) (Lexus GS450h)

A note to radar detector users: AR-DOT uses K-band traffic counters every 1 to 2 miles.

The current Nashville – San Antonio road trip map:

Change log:

August 2016: created road trip map to mark key locations such as TX-Toll 130/I-35 interchange

March 2017: added quick-stop restaurants along route

December 2017: combined gas/food into common locations to reduce stops

March 2018: removed unnecessary gas & food stops/optimized remaining 2 stops to be immediately on/off an interstate on-ramp

May 2018: inter-city-interstate routes optimized to bypass Little Rock and Dallas rush hours