2019 continued the trends established at the end of 2018 for wallacecloud.com. For example, more adventure related posts have been shared than technical ones; as seen in exhibits A, B, and C.

For the last post of 2019, the incorporation of exposure.co has begun: Seattle to San Antonio. For all future posts in 2020 and beyond, posts on wallacecloud.com containing mostly media will be linked to the external “story telling” service, exposure.co, for viewing the media. The unique link, williamwallace.exposure.co, is essentially a cross between Instagram, Flickr, and WordPress.

The most popular post of 2019 was “Everything you would ever need to know about General Motor’s Hybrid Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade.” Just recently “Almost” was added to the beginning of the title as new information was learned regarding the car’s operation. Photos and facts featured in this post are readily found via a quick google search for “Hybrid Tahoe” and have brought substancial traffic to the site.

For 2020, adventure related content will continue to be shared to wallacecloud.com with the addition of more “DIY” and informational posts.

Wallace Cloud continues to host a variety of services including VEIUA 5GHz wireless broadband in New Mexico, and various media services in Tennessee. The TeamSpeak 3 service has been shut down after continuous operation for more than 2,907 days / 8 years (since about January 2012), however the server retains its uptime by continually hosting the wallacecloud.com WordPress site. Server hardware uptime is 82:18:03:15 at the time of publishing this post.